T-One Therapeutics goal relies on the identification and preclinical development of new RNA-based therapeutic strategies to treat tumors and autoimmune diseases for future use in standard immunotherapy care.

It is known that T lymphocytes infiltrating pathological tissues often become exhausted i.e. dysfunctional once reached the site of the disease. Fully functional T lymphocytes are necessary to block tumor onset and progression.

Similarly, a balanced and controlled immune response is needed to improve or prevent autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Recently different immunotherapies have been developed to promote tumor clearance by boosting effector functions mediated by T lymphocytes.

Despite very promising results, a high fraction of patients do not respond to immunotherapy, while other patients even develop severe adverse events. Therefore, novel and safer immunotherapies or therapeutic adjuvants are urgently needed to increase patients’ responsiveness and improve patients’ outcome.

How to revert T lymphocytes exhausted phenotype – the use of LINE1-ASOs:

The RNA transcribed from LINE1 repetitive elements (LINE1-RNA), by accumulating in the nucleus of Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes, impairs their immunological effector functions.

LINE1-ASOs, destroying these RNAs, are able to restore T lymphocytes activity enhancing their immunological response, therefore representing a novel therapeutic approach to fight tumors as well as autoimmune diseases.